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Importance of Couponing Campaigns in Businesses

A doctor once told me about a strategy they used to gain more patients over the summer break. They use coupons in the receipts of local supermarkets. It worked great.

Just like marketing campaigns, businesses need to engage in couponing campaigns as a way of generating more sales. Customers will not only get discounted prices in products, but a business will also gain from this. This is a technique that …

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Traits That Are a Must Consider in Salespeople

As a business owner, you probably have salespeople but you are not sure what traits they should hold. Salespeople are important in every business as they play a significant role in the success of the company. To ensure that you have competitive salespeople in the business there are basic traits that you should look out for.

·         Clear Communication Skills

When most potential clients are approached by a salesperson, they …

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Making Your Home-Based Business a Success

Starting a home-based business whether you are a beginner or you have been in business before has its own challenges. You wonder how you will get customers to know about your business and how you will make your business successful. Just like many other businesses out there, your home-based business needs to be taken seriously and marketed. 

  • Create Awareness about Your Business

To be successful, you must create awareness about …

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Reasons to Use Social Media in Building a Brand

Social media marketing has become a norm for most businesses. Most modern businesses, whether small or large ensure that they mark their position in social media. This is because it is an essential part in not only increasing their brand’s awareness, but also in connecting with targeted customers.

The Role of Social Media

In a marketing strategy, social media is essential. The good thing is that there are several platforms …

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Need an Assistant in Your Business? Be Your Own Virtual Assistance

In this fast-paced world, you can have a virtual assistant based anywhere in the world. When operating a small business on a budget, it will be a challenge to hire a virtual assistant when you consider the financial status. This does not mean that you cannot have a virtual assistant. This is because you can be your own virtual assistant. All you need is to plan your days well.


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Ways of Maintaining Networking Pursuits

Business people or those aspiring to set up businesses should have networking endeavors in their strategies. This does not only focus on professional growth but also a personal one. Networking happens in many ways and that is one reason you find key players organizing events such as Marketers’ Nights among others. 


  • Be Open for Opportunities 


Are you an open-minded and versatile person? You need to be when you

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How To Secure Your Business Premises With Access Control

Anyone who owns a business knows the kind of efforts it has taken to reach at that particular point they’ve reached. It would be therefore very discouraging in case of any damage on commercial property or any of your assets that you have acquired with hard earned money.

By leveraging the services of a professional you can ensure you are protected. It is important to protect your premises even prior …

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Best Ways to Get Feedback for Your Business

As a business or company owner, there are some customer habits you wish you could understand better. Customers stop doing business with you or they are no longer visiting your online or offline shop as they used to. There are several ways that you can get to understand these habits such as using analytics, data and even getting on the ground.


  • Surveys

Probably this is the most common way

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The best ways to prevent business failure

A study conducted by the SBA (small business administration) shows that in every three new small business one of them will fail after two years.  The same study further went on to point out that 58 percent of small businesses fail after their first five years. Regardless of these odds, you can succeed in your business.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some ways you can …

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Four critical things that may be killing your business growth

One of the major things that have brought a lot of businesses to a complete halt, is that they don’t know what their customer really want, because of this they will be focusing on things that mean very little to their customers while giving little or no attention to what their customers really want.

When engaging in a business endeavor to set ample time to get to know their …

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