Best Ways to Get Feedback for Your Business

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As a business or company owner, there are some customer habits you wish you could understand better. Customers stop doing business with you or they are no longer visiting your online or offline shop as they used to. There are several ways that you can get to understand these habits such as using analytics, data and even getting on the ground.


  • Surveys

Probably this is the most common way of getting feedback from consumers. Surveys are quite common due to how easy it is to set them up and to distribute to customers. Most of them are done online via e-mails and social media.


What Are the Challenges With Surveys?


One big challenge with surveys as a way of getting feedback is consumers failing to complete it. If it’s too long, customers will find it tedious and will abandon it halfway. One secret in making it interesting is asking the most important questions and keeping it short.


  • Use Feedback Boxes

This is a popular way of getting feedback in big institutions such as government offices, hospitals, schools and hotels among others. With this, potential customers in a business will either fill in a questionnaire or write on a paper and drop in the box. These boxes are referred to as suggestion boxes.

  • Talk to Consumers Directly

When you have a business that customers have to walk in, it becomes easier to get feedback from them. It is not necessary that you have a physical shop since you can also place a call and talk to them directly. This is important as you will hear what you are looking for from the horse’s mouth.


Here Are Some of the Important Things to Do When Looking for Feedback


  • Ask as many questions as you can. This is the best way to understand both sides of the story. Asking the public about what they like about your services or products or what they don’t like is important. You can go ahead and ask if they have suggestions to improve it. This basically means that you get all the details.


  • Pay attention to details. Paying attention to details is of great significance and this is how you learn about patterns. Is there something common with the people that you have talked to? Check out and see if there is a pattern.


  • Thank the participants. Appreciating the time a person gives to your survey goes a long way.